The game (or, as some would say, mind sport) of bridge has been my principal hobby as an adult, although in recent years I’ve been less active due to work and family commitments.  I hold the rank (based on lifetime accumulated performance, as opposed to current form) of Ruby Life Master in the American Contract Bridge League, which honestly isn’t that much to brag about…

In the mid-1990s I was the first webmaster for the Chicago Contract Bridge Association, although of course by now the current website bears no relation to what I’d built so many years ago!

Over the years I wrote a number of bridge articles that appeared in the CCBA’s bimonthly publication, The Kibitzer.  However, with changes to the CCBA website implemented in the mid-2010s, it appears that none of the issues containing my articles remain accessible on the internet.   I can only locate two of these articles in my own files, each of which I believe appeared in a 2012 issue:  Seventeen Hundred at the One-Level, and an untitled article.  I wrote and submitted another untitled article in late 2016, and while I thought The Kibitzer was going to use it I’m uncertain that it ever appeared in print.

I’d also written a smaller number of articles for a different bimonthly bridge publication, the District 8 Advocate, and those articles are still available online:

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