I’m writing these words in the spring of 2015, which is probably 20 years after I first had my own presence on the internet (or as we would have called it in 1995, the World Wide Web), back when I was a graduate student.  The internet has seen quite a bit of change over these past two decades, and in 2015 two things are decidedly out of style:  personal homepages; and blogging.

Which means that this is a rather unusual time for me to decide to establish an internet presence that, by design, will be a hybrid of personal homepage and blog…

But as antediluvian as my intentions may be, there are two things that I’m wanting to accomplish with this website.

The first is to provide a permanent record of some things I’ve done over the course of my life of which I’m proud – not for explicitly self-promotional purposes, but simply as a reminder of where I’ve been and what’s been important to me.

The second is to provide a forum where I can memorialize my observations about a wide variety of items that have piqued my interest.  Sharing articles on social media sites with a sentence or two of trenchant commentary is amusing, to be sure, but doesn’t really satisfy my personal desire to share my insights with a wider audience.

What I’m not intending to do on this website is talk about my personal life (there’s always Facebook for that), or talk directly about my professional career (although I imagine some of my blog posts may touch on related issues).

With that, welcome to my “home” and enjoy!

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