Throughout my career I’ve given a number of presentations on actuarial topics.  Most of these presentations fall into one of three categories:

  1. Presentations talking about the medical loss ratio / rebate provisions of the Affordable Care Act;
  2. Presentations talking about the potential impact to US health insurers of the IASB and/or FASB projects to modify accounting for insurance contracts;
  3. Presentations talking about evolving developments in health insurance financial regulation of interest to actuaries.

MLR Provisions of the Affordable Care Act

IASB/FASB Insurance Contracts Project & Health Insuance

Health Insurance Financial Regulation


  • I know that I was part of a panel at the 2001 SOA Spring Health Meeting relating to privacy issues in health insurance, but I can’t find a trace of it on the SOA’s website.
  • I gave a presentation called Election 2004: What Will Happen to Health Insurance? at the Fall 2004 meeting of the Southeastern Actuaries Conference.
  • I know that I organized a panel on health insurance tax issues at the 2005 SOA Annual Meeting, with tax lawyers Peter Winslow and Greg Stephenson as speakers, but again I can’t find a trace of it on the SOA’s website.
  • I gave a presentation entitled Upcoming Changes in Health at the Chicago Actuarial Association’s 2017 Workshops; the slides are not available online, but most of my presentation focused on my then-recently published article, Explaining Health Policy to Your Facebook Friends.

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