Election 2020: Day 65, 1pm

Transportation Secretary Chao, who is of course Majority Leader McConnell’s wife, has announced that she will resign from the Cabinet on Monday in light of yesterday’s events.

My initial reaction was that her resignation was bad news, as it seemed to reduce the likelihood of successful 25th Amendment action by the Cabinet; but now that I see she isn’t actually resigning until Monday, it still leaves time for her to participate in a putsch. Right now there are only 12 confirmed Cabinet members (including Chao) and 3 acting Cabinet members, and there is some controversy over whether acting Cabinet members would get to vote.

Speaking of acting Cabinet members: After Acting DHS Secretary Wolf (who is abroad right now) called for Trump to condemn yesterday’s violence, Trump responded by announcing that he has withdrawn Wolf’s nomination to become permanent DHS Secretary. Which is purely symbolic, since the Senate had no intention of acting on that nomination before Biden takes over, but certainly is spiteful. The official White House position is that the withdrawal of the nomination is unrelated to Wolf’s comments; but, as the 46th (or will it be 47th?) President would say, “C’mon man!”