Election 2020: Day 65, 8pm

Loeffler finally conceded to Warnock a couple of hours ago. At this point Warnock’s margin is over 79K votes, or 50.9-49.1%. Ossoff’s margin is now over 41K votes, or 50.5-49.5%. Assuming both races remain outside the recount threshold, Georgia is supposed to certify the special election results no later than January 22nd, or two days after the inauguration. As such, Biden may face a Republican-controlled Senate for the first day or two of his administration, not that that should matter much.

There has been lots of continued talk this afternoon about 25th Amendment action and/or impeachment, with Speaker Pelosi echoing Senator Schumer’s views from this morning. There is some reporting to the effect that Pence is not inclined to pursue a 25th Amendment course of action. Very recently the Wall Street Journal’s op-ed board published a surprisingly rational editorial, “Donald Trump’s Final Days,” calling on Trump to resign. The editorial also posits that “this week has probably finished [Trump] as a serious political figure” and “it is best for everyone, himself included, if he goes away quietly.”

Trump did release a video statement this afternoon, which included him acknowledging that “a new administration will be inaugurated on January 20th.” So, that’s something, I suppose.