Election 2020: Day 68

A relatively quiet weekend. With Trump having been banned from Twitter and most other social media platforms, the nation hasn’t heard from him all weekend. That hasn’t happened in, well, what feels like forever.

It is expected that tomorrow the House will start the ball rolling on a 2nd impeachment of Trump, although the outcome remains murky. Given that Senate rules in all likelihood preclude an impeachment trial from commencing before the inauguration, there have been suggestions that even if the House votes to impeach Trump in the next 10 days, the House may intentionally delay the transmittal to the Senate of the articles of impeachment. That would allow Biden and Senator Schumer to focus the proverbial “first 100 days” of the new administration on substantive matters, and then later pivot to the more symbolic task of holding an impeachment trial.

A number of companies, including a former employer of mine, have announced that their PACs will no longer make campaign contributions to those officials who voted against certifying the election results. That’s a start at the long task of turning the “sedition caucus” into political pariahs.

Colin Powell, the former Republican Secretary of State who received three electoral college votes from faithless electors in 2016 (albeit all from electors pledged to Clinton rather than Trump, confusingly), announced that after last week he no longer considers himself a Republican.