Election 2020: Day 70, 10:30pm

The House just passed the resolution urging Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment, on a the vote of 223-205 along partisan lines. The vote was essentially symbolic, as earlier in the evening Pence had released a letter to Pelosi saying he would not invoke the 25th Amendment. In his letter Pence makes the rather compelling argument that the 25th Amendment “is not a means of punishment or usurpation.”

And so we move tomorrow to the next stage, an impeachment vote. At this point at least 4 House Republicans have gone on record as saying they will vote for impeachment, and it seems likely there will be rather more than that.

Trump made his first public remarks in days today, and in characteristic fashion he asserted that his pre-riot rally speech on January 6th was “totally appropriate” and that this second impeachment, like the first one, was a “witch hunt” and “hoax.”